Wild Word Friday!

Don’t you just love a word like CHICANERY? Just saying it out loud engenders all kinds of mischievious images.

Most of the CHICANERY in mylife happened when I was a kid. My younger brother Bob was my sidekick. Actually, I was probably his sidekick. He was a lot better at CHICANERY than I was, although it was my idea to play the grab-the-motel-pool-diving-board-from-underneath game, which almost got him drowned, and also my idea to walk across a red clay field in our good shoes, which got both of us spanked.

The word CHICANERY has a checkered (pun alert) past and in its French roots means cheating at a game.  A Persian word, chaugan, which means a crooked stick – as in polo,  probably also comes into play (haha).

Q4U: Did you engage in any CHICANERY when you were a kid? I won’t ask you about now!

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