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  1. Ella K. Pierce says:

    Your books, Mother Earth Father Sky, My Sister The Moon , and Brother Wind were the most interesting books I had read in a long time, maybe forever. The reason was that in 1942 I worked in a wartime job, and my work partner was an Aleutians girl named Pat Harasich. I’m not sure I spelled her last name correctly. Anyway, her parents were a Russian Missionary and an Aleutians mother. She told me such interesting stories about her life in the islands and the people that lived there. She even taught me some Aleut words. Because of the war, she came to California to work in the war effort. In the credits or acknowledgement in the book, My Sister The Moon, or the book, Mother Earth Father sky, you mentioned a Pat H. And I have always wondered if that was Pat Harasich. I know she moved back to Alaska after the war ended. So would you kindly tell me if it is my friend? Thank you sincerely, Ella Pierce

  2. Anita Janneh says:

    Hi Susan,
    Simply love your books and can’t wait for you to publish more of your great books. Do you have anything coming soon?
    Have a great day.

  3. suehar says:

    Thank you so much, Anita!! My life as caregiver (my and my husband’s parents) is still very busy, but, due to help from my brother, I do have more time now than I’ve had for many years. During the past two years, with encouragement from my ebook publisher, Open Road Integrated Media, I’ve written a new novel set in ancient prehistoric Europe, 5800 B.C. The title is BONE FIRE, and I’m currently doing final corrections so I can send it to my editor and see if she thinks it is worthy of publication. She’ll also tell me how to make it stronger and more marketable. Meanwhile, I’m more or less doing a running commentary on my Sue Harrison Author / Facebook page about the writing/editing process. If you’re on FB, Anita, I hope you’ll join us there.

  4. suehar says:

    It wasn’t your Pat, Ella, but I love thinking about the friendship you had with her. Thank you for your kind words about my novels!

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