A Glance Back – Reunion!


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6 Responses to Harrison_Graphic

  1. Jennifer Choate says:

    I just finished and LOVED Song of the River!

  2. suehar says:

    Thank you, Jennifer!!!

  3. Gloria says:

    I found “Mother Earth, Father Sky” last year in a used book store last year in Onaway Mi. Just now got to it and I absolutely cannot put it down. I am looking forward to the other titles…Your new fan
    Thank You

  4. suehar says:

    Thank you, Gloria! That means a lot to me!

  5. Maggie Loos says:

    I recently read the Mother Earth Father Sky series and loved it. Didn’t take me long to polish them off. I can’t wait to read Song of the River and the other two books. Having a bit of trouble finding the other 2 books because I want to get used books, but I’ll find them. Great writing!

  6. suehar says:

    Thank you, Maggie Loos!! Sometimes you can find them on Amazon for a very low price. They’re out of print now, so difficult to come by!

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