September 2016 FREE BOOK!

My friend Ann Chandonnet has written an incredible cookbook, and it’s my joy to give away a copy this month. THE PIONEER VILLAGE COOKBOOK is not only full to bursting with great recipes, it’s also packed with old fashioned remedies and historical information! Our give-away book is a new copy of the paperback edition.


Apple Stack Cake, Raspberry Shrub, Sour Cream Raisin Pie, Oat Crackers, Red Flannel Hash, Pickled Peaches, and Virginia Cider Baked Ham are only a few recipes that will delight you as you read through and use this unusual cookbook.

To have your name included in our Wednesday, September 28 drawing, tell us the NAME of your favorite recipe. (No need to give us the whole recipe!)

Happy Cooking!


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8 Responses to September 2016 FREE BOOK!

  1. European Cheesecake says:

    Recipe on “just a pinch” site

  2. Holly Bayerl says:

    Calico Beans

  3. Potato Candy is an old recipe that my grandmother always made at Christmas I loved it ! Would so love to have this cookbook since I collect them and use them..

  4. Cindy Kay Wentzel says:

    “Cheesy taco dip” got from an old housemate.

  5. Shannon says:

    Dan Good Chili from The Hungry Girl

  6. Judy Bellone says:

    Graham Cracker Pie….from my Mom

  7. Judy Bellone says:

    Graham Cracker Pie…recipe from my Mom

  8. There are too many to choose as favorites. i like so many, have tried a few, will hopefully get back to cooking soon, thanks so much.

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