Your Life & Mine: Rocks and Roses

When we moved to our loft apartment on a sandy lot in the woods, I left behind an almost-thriving perennial garden. An abundant crop of rocks and boulders in our current location was discouraging to say the least, but with my husband’s encouragement, I gradually began to develop a rock garden. I do only a bit more each summer and since this is only the third full summer we’ve lived here, my garden remains small, but I’m having fun. It’s centerpiece is a pin cherry tree which grew up wild. It handles our 40 below (F.) winters with barely a shiver.

I have quite a way to go before I’ve completely turned our stony ground into a haven for roses, but isn’t that what we all face with any new project? The greater the odds against success, the sweeter the victory.

This is only half of the remaining rocks and wild growth!

Do you have a garden. Any photos to share? What are your favorite flowers?

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2 Responses to Your Life & Mine: Rocks and Roses

  1. I miss not having a garden flowers and vegetables is something I love but not permitted where I live, so keep posting them so I can enjoy the beauty too !

  2. suehar says:

    I will keep posting, Brenda Backus. We had a deer visit us last evening and nip off all the pink blossoms on one of my geraniums. I’ve NEVER had a deer eat more than one small bite of geranium before!!

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