August 2017 FREE BOOK!

It’s my joy to offer two books this month, BREATHE BREATHE, a poetry chapbook, that includes two short stories, by my friend Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi and BITTER, SWEET by another friend, Canadian author Laura Best. Both women are blessed with the ability to etch a heart-rending and heart-healing picture through their elegant words.

From the Foreword (by Brian Kirk) of BREATHE BREATHE, “Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi writes with a raw honesty processed more by the heart than the mind. It’s the voice of a wounded soul. Same as you. Same as me…. I invite you onward to take the balm of Erin’s words and apply it to your wounds.”

From the cover copy of BITTER, SWEET, “After their mother dies, Pru and Jessie do everything they can to hide the fact that they’re on their own so that they and their brother and sister aren’t separated….”

So there you have it, two incredible works of art as our FREE BOOK for August 2017. To have your name included in the Wednesday, August 9, 2017 drawing, just answer this question: Have you developed special coping skills for life’s difficult days? Yes or no is an adequate answer or you may share more deeply.

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21 Responses to August 2017 FREE BOOK!

  1. Samantha Goins says:


  2. Kirsten Hughes says:


  3. Helen leckemby says:

    Yes I do, I vaccum or walk, or ride my bike..Being physical really helps.

  4. Peggy Knuttila says:

    Absolutely! I carry a picture of my 3 kids everywhere I go. All I need is for a glance to pick me up and see what really is the bigger picture! 💖

  5. suehar says:

    What a beautiful way to cope, Peggy!!

  6. suehar says:

    I do the same, Helen. Physical activity really does help!

  7. Mary Cahill says:

    Yes…I Thank God for past present and future blessings…and I ask for more every day…He’s always there for me…

  8. Yes, I go to God..I deal with a lot of emotional issues..So God is my response in prayer..He is my rock !

  9. suehar says:

    Mary and Brenda, Right there with you!! I do the same.

  10. Bev says:

    Yes. All three mentioned are my go to’s. Got to be honest too, sometimes it’s a sweet treat 🙂

  11. Karen Dethmers says:

    Yes, I close my eyes and tell myself, breath slowly and think of a funny thing that had happened. That usually works for me.

  12. Anita Stefaniak says:

    Yes, as best I can. Prayer, exercise, cleaning, being in nature. My second child was diagnosed with cancer at age 3. 4 years if chemo. He’s cancer free now, thank goodness. But that fear is like a disease that will live in my marrow forever.

  13. suehar says:

    Oh yes, Bev, Chocolate is good!!

  14. suehar says:

    That’s very good and unusual advice, Karen. Thank you!!

  15. suehar says:

    I can’t imagine how difficult that time was. We also lost a child to disease, but she was sick only 5 days. I’m so glad your son is cancer free now.

  16. Pam Dooley says:

    Y E S

  17. Pam Dooley says:

    Y E S

  18. Anita Hart says:

    Yes I have coping skills in place!

  19. Tashauna Briggs says:

    Yes i write when i can..if im busy( usualy daylight hours) if im not at work i focus on my 6 kids. If i am at work i take a deep breath count until im calm…some times a bit of chocolate helps too.

  20. Sandy Holloway says:

    Yes — prayer and deep breathing.

  21. suehar says:

    Two wonderful ways to cope, Sandy.

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