October 2017 FREE BOOK!

Our Give-Away book this month is a new release from one of my favorite authors and my friend, Ann H. Gabhart. If you love inspirational historical romances, you will love this book. Once I begin reading one of Ann’s books, I just don’t want to put it down!

From the back cover, “Francine Howard has her life all mapped out — until the man she loves announces his plans to bring home an English bride from war-torn Europe in 1945. Devastated, Francine seeks a fresh start in the Appalachian Mountains, training to be a nurse midwife for the Frontier Nursing Service.

“Deeply affected by the horrors he witnessed at war, Ben Locke has never thought further ahead than making it home to Kentucky….”

In writing about Kentucky, Ann Gabhart is one of the best, no surprise since she is a native Kentuckian!

To have your name included in our Wednesday, October 11 drawing, just answer this question: “Did you ever consider (even as a child) a career in a medical field?”

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20 Responses to October 2017 FREE BOOK!

  1. Hi, Sue. I haven’t entered any of your book draws in a long time.
    To answer your question … for a fleeting moment I thought about being a nurse,likely because one of my aunts was one. But more I wanted to be a mother and to take care of my mum when she got old. Turns out I got to do all three, because really … what mother doesn’t get to do some nursing of hurts and injuries?

  2. Cheryl says:

    Yes I did. I did take nurses aide training my senior year

  3. Debra L Wilson says:

    I wanted to be a nurse, instead I was a mother, now I am a caregiver to disabled family members.

  4. No, the medical field wasn’t for me. That’s my husband’s department LOL. Anything involving science goes over my head. But I enjoy novels about people in the medical field.

  5. Pam Dooley says:

    I always wanted to be a secretary just like my big sister who was 26 years my senior and whom I always idolized. I lost her last year. Loved her so!

  6. What fun, Sue. Thanks for doing this giveaway of my new book, These Healing Hills. I’ll share the link with my FB buddies.

  7. Pam, sorry for your loss. Sisters are the best.

    Maggie, glad to see you like to read about medical people. That means you might enjoy These Healing Hills.

  8. Nancy Lohr says:

    Yes, I did, but high school chemistry derailed my prospects. I’m much better suited to my current work, but I enjoy reading about doctors and nurses.

  9. Mary F Aldrich says:

    Nope…as a child I wanted to be a teacher. Now, in this time of my life, I wish I had gone into medical just to understand all these ailment everyone in my is dealing with!

  10. I never did want to have a career in the medical field. I retired 5 years ago. I worked at WKU library.

  11. I never did want to work in the medical field.

  12. Pat Thibault says:

    Yes I did do some nurse aid work many years ago, but most of my family is in the medical field, from Nurses, to Director of Nursing , to Doctorate of Nursing. I have been reading your Books for yrs. From a fellow Yooper.

  13. Donamae says:

    Yes a nurse I read Cherry Ames nursing mysteries.

  14. Pat Merritt says:

    No, I was meant to be a “helper” so I became a Secretary to male
    bosses. I finally worked my way up to the top of the “glass ceiling”
    becoming a Vice President of a Bank I admire anyone who goes into
    the Medical field.

  15. suehar says:

    Thank you for sharing the blog, Ann. Your books always have a great response. You have a wonderful gift with words and storytelling!!

  16. Anita hart says:

    Yes and I am a Registered Nurse ! Love helping others!

  17. Love all the comments, Sue, about those who are nurses and those who have done some family nursing. As Lynn says, what mother hasn’t done her share of nursing? Nurses do play a vital role in healthcare since they are usually the ones on the front line of patient day to day care. I never wanted to be a nurse. Used to play being a teacher when I was a kid and thought working in a library had to be an ideal job. (:) Donna) But I’ve always from the time I can remember wanted to be a writer. And a mother too. Love being a mother to my kids.

  18. suehar says:

    Like others have mentioned here, it’s amazing how much nursing and doctoring we manage to do in our lifetimes — for women as mothers, wives, daughters and daughter-in-laws. Men also need medical skills as fathers, husbands, and even coaches (both birthing coaches and athletic coaches). I often thought I would like to be a doctor or nurse, but I’m afraid my math skills might have held me back!!

  19. It was my desire to become a nurse, it never came about married to young and had kids to early ! But I did do some caregiver services to seniors I throughly enjoyed interacting with seniors and children who were disabled. The book sounds wonderful I love books all kinds and I was born in Kentucky,in Ashland !

  20. suehar says:

    Pat, I know one other person with a doctorate in nursing. That’s amazing!! And thank you for reading my books!

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