Your Life & Mine: Chocolate!

I hope I don’t lose any friends over this post, but I don’t LOVE chocolate. It’s okay. I like it, but I don’t love it. Chocolate fudge is good, and I enjoy a slice of fudge, but I’d rather eat white chocolate, peanut butter, maple — just about any other flavor than plain chocolate. I don’t even LOVE chocolate cake. I’d rather have white or best of all, carrot. When it comes to chocolate ice cream. Forget it. I will admit, though, a good chewy brownie does a great deal to redeem chocolate from the ranks of the mediocre, at least for me.

A friend of mine made what I consider to be a very wise statement concerning chocolate, and her assertion may be the reason behind my reluctance to choose chocolate. After all, think about almost every American — and probably Canadian — kid’s introduction to chocolate. The quintessential Oreo cookie.

Here’s what my friend said. “Oreo cookies aren’t chocolate. They’re just brown.” Now don’t get me wrong. I can go through a package of Oreos with the best of them, but to do so, I need a tall glass of cold milk, and a plate. When I’m done, the milk is gone, the plate is full of Oreo sides, and I’ve eaten all the frosting. Double Stuff Oreos? Yummmmm.

My question for you? A Food Guru gives you a plate upon which are three piles of candy chips: one milk chocolate, one white, and one butterscotch. He says you can eat all you want, but of only one pile. Which do you choose?

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12 Responses to Your Life & Mine: Chocolate!

  1. Jody Harrison says:

    Milk chocolate. I like the butterscotch and white chocolate but don’t think I could eat a whole pile. Maybe I should try an experiment. I know I could eat milk chocolate all day long and into the night. My favorite cake is carrot cake, Shirley’s recipe.

  2. suehar says:

    I don’t think I have Shirley’s recipe for carrot cake. I need to get that from you, Jody!!

  3. Just reading this made my mouth water! I love all the choices, plus some you didn’t mention (like dark chocolate), but I’ll take the milk chocolate, please.

  4. Ginny Lockhart says:

    Definitely milk chocolate. White chocolate leaves a coating on the roof of my mouth and butterscotch chips are only good when mixed with other flavors, but I’d prefer a nice dark chocolate with a good cup of coffee. Anyone care to join me?

  5. Nina Leach says:

    I prefer carrot, white than chocolate cake. As far as chips go, I would eat some milk chocolate (others are waxy) with milk. I do like most brownies, some are too strong. I am not a chocoholic, unless mixed with carmel or other flavors also.

  6. SALLY WNUK says:

    Milk chocolate please

  7. suehar says:

    I”ll even join you for that, Ginny. Dark Chocolate is a whole different flavor, and with a good cup of coffee? YUM!!

    Ruth, I like dark chocolate, too. I didn’t at first but in my old age, it’s starting to taste really good!!

  8. suehar says:

    I’ll be sure to have some on hand if you ever come to my house, Sally! hahaha

  9. suehar says:

    Me, too, Nina. Give me white or carrot any day!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    White chocolate is not really chocolate but alot of fat but I love it tp.

  11. suehar says:

    I wondered about that, Missi!! No wonder I love it so much!!

  12. Laura Hadd says:

    Although I love all three, I have to say milk chocolate would be my choice. Standard go to milk chocolate is always my most favorite.

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