November 2017 FREE BOOK!

Actually, I should say, free bookS! We have two this month, and they’ll both go to one lucky winner.

These books are classics written by writers who have earned the reputation of being classics themselves. James Alexander Thom’s FOLLOW THE RIVER is a true story based on the ordeal of Mary Ingles in Virginia in 1755. Louis L’Amour’s DOWN THE LONG HILLS is a novel about two children — ages 7 and 3 — left orphaned on the high plains in 1848. It’s one of my favorite Louis L’Amour books.

To have your name included in our Wednesday, November 8 drawing just answer this question:

Do you think you would’ve been a good pioneer?
Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or explain if you’d like!

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19 Responses to November 2017 FREE BOOK!

  1. Yes I feel confident I could.

  2. Bob Richardson says:

    I probably would have been OK as a pioneer if I was raised in that era. No way could I survive in that lifestyle only knowing what I know today. I often wonder how people had time for anything except to work on a farm or ranch or trap. That was such a hard life to live. Very few of us can really understand how difficult that lifestyle was.

  3. I would never have made it in the snowy mountains, because of the cold and my thin blood. 😉 But, if the wilderness happened to be a warmer place, I can fish and grow veggies, and even build a structure, to stay alive.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maria Zielinski

  5. Maria Zielinski says:

    We were raised in nature!!! Understanding it, relying on it and protecting it! My parents did not rely on store we raised everything we ate! Yes o would survive!!

  6. Amy C says:

    I would like to think I would have been a good pioneer. I can see myself as one. 🙂

  7. Jim Birch says:

    No, not skilled in hunting, trapping, or fishing, so would likely starve to death.

  8. Marisa Yapko says:

    I think I’m those times I would have been an excellent pioneer! I would have at least tried my best! I’m a huge fan of camping in actually tents and fishing. I also enjoy nature survivalist shows! Hopefully I would have been a survivor lol

  9. Abby says:

    I hope that I would have been a decent pioneer. I know the basics, but with the Finnish climate it’s tough trying to survive just on your own.

  10. Ans de Groot says:

    Yes and no. I am raised in the country site so be able to raise or find food. Hunt and fish. Common sense and stay calm. But in real back country you need skills I don’t have I think…

  11. Mary Phillips says:

    Not within the last five years but yes, before I turned well, got a bit older, I think I could have as I grew up in a family of campers, hikers, back trail folks, know how to start a fire, how to dig for which roots to eat and how to clean dirty water so my answer is yes. Thank goodness for uncles and Yosemite National Forest.

  12. Susan Jihnson says:

    No, so much I would need to know, it would be a very difficult experience.

  13. Ron Brighs says:

    I would have survived until I didn’t. Too many variables to make an educated guess. I can make do, but survive a real wilderness test? Who knows.

  14. Kim says:

    Yes, I think I would have survived in my younger years. Now that I am almost sixty I doubt it since I am spoiled and enjoy technology!

  15. Silva Freeman says:

    Yes, I believe I could.

  16. Denise Robison says:

    Probably not been a good pioneer but would have given it one heck of a try !!!! Definitely felt more natural in older times !!

  17. Kelly Grant says:

    Yes, as a near 50 yr old, I confidently could. Great at figuring things out and very skilled at camping. Knowledgeable but not experienced at living off the land. I firmly believe it would be difficult but doable!

  18. Jeffrey L. Frazier says:

    I think so. I know how to navigate by the stars and sun, build a fire, weave fish traps, set snares and dead falls. Make a bed and shelter our of natural materials. The result of being brought up in a hunting and fishing family in Michigan’s U.P.

  19. Liz ONeill says:

    Yes, definitely. I seem to really flourish when things are difficult. It builds my self-esteem and as that strengthens, I can surpass even greater struggles. My spirituality guides me through deep darknesses.

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