Corsets & Lace: A Victorian Christmas Menu

During Victorian times, if you lived in a wealthy family, the Christmas feast was much more elaborate than most of our feasts nowadays. I found these Victorian Christmas menu items online and thought you might like to steal some ideas for your own Christmas celebration. Or not!


Appetizers: Blue Point Oysters; Olive Tray; Seared Scallops; Radishes and Sardines; Baked Camembert with Pears
Soup Course: Bisque of Clams; Cream of Asparagus
Fish Course: Trout; Baked Salmon with Sauce Hollandaise; Turbot in Lobster Sauce
Entrée: Roast Goose with Wild Rice Stuffing; Roast Turkey with Oyster Dressing; Roasted Lamb with Truffles
Accompaniments: Roasted Potatoes; Mashed Potatoes; Roasted Root Vegetables; English Peas
Salads: Lettuce; Waldorf Salad; Cranberry-Orange Relish; Cranberry Sauce
Hot Rolls with Butter
Palate Cleanse: Lemon Sherbet
Dessert: Plum Pudding with Hard Sauce; Mince Pie; Chocolate Mousse; Cherry Tart with Meringue

Each year, when I was a child, our “Aunt” Lillian Tost sent us a beautiful plum pudding with the requisite hard sauce. (She was actually the Grandmother of our Cousins, and not really related to us at all, but we loved her!) The paternal side of my mother’s family settled in the New England area in the 1600s. Perhaps that’s why oyster dressing was also a tradition at our home in Michigan. To please my husband’s side of the family, I serve regular turkey stuffing as well!

Do any of these items grace your Christmas Holiday Table?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, God Bless You and Yours!

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5 Responses to Corsets & Lace: A Victorian Christmas Menu

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oyster stuffing and clam chowder cranberry sauce and Waldorf salad also.

  2. Kandy Huyck says:

    Interesting menu. My Mom made plum pudding and hard sauce every year for Christmas until they retired and spent Christmas in Florida. I loved it!!! My Mom had 8 sisters and they have all passed away including my Mom. I just recently found out that most of my cousins had this on their table for Christmas too. We had a wonderful time posting on our private Facebook page the recipes our Mothers used! My family came from England, to Canada and then to the U.P. Of Michigan!

  3. suehar says:

    Those family recipes are priceless, Kandy. So glad you got together to share them!!

  4. Wayne Bayliff says:

    Yup, we are having all of that, except for Cranberry-Orange Relish. Didn’t have time to make that this year. Merry Christmas Sue and Neil!

  5. suehar says:

    Wow, Wayne, I don’t know how you and Judy will be able to enjoy your feast without the Cranberry-Orange Relish! Keep a stiff upper lip!! It’ll get you through! hahahaha

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