December 2017 FREE BOOK!

When I saw these three Amish Christmas novels, all grouped into one sweet package, I couldn’t resist! We’re giving them away as our “December Free Book,” three books ready for one lucky reader to take home for Christmas!

To have your name included in our Wednesday, December 6 drawing, just answer this question. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Peace and Joy!

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15 Responses to December 2017 FREE BOOK!

  1. Gerri Leach says:

    Attending Christmas Eve Service and enjoying “ French Meat Pie “ on Christmas morning.

  2. Ginny Lockhart says:

    My mother always made a lot of food gifts for Christmas. and I have enjoyed following her tradition.

  3. suehar says:

    I love both of your responses, Gerri and Ginny!! I’ve never heard of French Meat Pie, Gerry, but it has to be delicious. Ginny, one of our long-ago neighbors always sent her husband out into the neighborhood with a sack of small boxes filled with the most delicious of cookies! I remember how excited my parents and my brother and I were when “Uncle Russell” brought Rita’s cookies to us!!

  4. Marisa Yapko says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the life university drive in lights here in Georgia. I also love going outdoor ice skating! After all that I love to cozy up with my dachshund and light the fireplace, put on a good vinyl and read!

  5. Leona Campbell says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition unfortunately is one that we don’t celebrate anymore, which saddens me but I still have such wonderful memories of when we did. Growing up my Dad’s parents used to have a family Christmas Eve party. Everyone would make or bring something to eat for the party. The memories that I miss is when I would go over early that day to my Grandma’s house and we would make all sorts of goodies together, from fudge and cereal goodies to meatballs, cheese balls and ham roll ups. We always had too much food but always wonderful to see everyone. It was the one time of year where we would gather as a family. When my Grandpa passed away, Grandma didn’t feel up to doing them anymore. I do miss spending the time with my Grandma and now that she has passed, all I can do is look back and remember the good memories with my Grandparents

  6. Jay Six says:

    Eating Linda’s Christmas Tea Ring on Christmas Morning

  7. Thomas Hill says:

    Watching the grand kids open their presents

  8. Pam Dooley says:

    Being altogether as a family and sharing family live!

  9. Brendyn Gunn says:

    Good foods
    Warm homes

  10. Brendyn Gunn says:

    Family time and making memories.

  11. Jennifer says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition began when I was a child. After going to “Midnight Mass” on Christmas Eve, my parents would drive my sister and I through the neighborhood and city to Lakeside Park to see all the Christmas lights and decorations both at the park and along the way. My sister and I would count the lights on houses. When we got to the park, my Dad would drive by the lighthouse so we could see “Rudolph” with his shiny nose at the top of the lighthouse. Then, we would drive back home. While we were gone, Santa visited. When we got home, we were able to open up our gifts as a family. While my family (husband, kids and I) no longer attend the same church, we have begun to tour the city at Christmas so the kids can see all the decorations and “Rudolph” too. Then, come back home to open gifts as a family and enjoy each other’s company.

  12. I have a lot of happy memories of Christmas but my very favorite is going downtown to State Insurance! They put up a huge nativity and a live one some nights. It shows the shepherds and 3 wise men and their journey to get to Jesus following the star! It’s wonderful!

  13. Amy C says:

    My favorite tradition is setting out my Memorial tree. It is a special tree that honors those we love and who have passed on.

  14. Sue Harrison says:

    Amy, what a beautiful idea, a Memorial tree! And Brenda, wow, a live nativity. Marisa, I’m a vinyl fan, too, and when I don’t need complete quiet (writing!) I love to play my vinyls, especially at Christmas time. Pam Dooley, I gree. What can ever be more wonderful than to celebrate with our families!!

  15. Debbie Powers says:

    One of my favorite traditions began when my kids were small. When Santa comes on Christmas eve, he leaves candy canes hanging on the tree and my girls always loved finding them!

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