The Ivory Carver Trilogy

Mother Earth, Father Sky - CovermstmBrother Wind - Cover

“Climb into your kayaks and join me in a journey that will carry you to a time before time! Together we will use our wits, wisdom, and wilderness skills to survive on islands so harsh that trees grow no higher than the grass and the largest land mammal is the tiny collared lemming. Your survival depends on your will as you learn to use your primitive weapons — knives of volcanic glass and simple harpoons against the largest sea mammals on earth. You will be forced to outwit marauders and murderers, and you will survive an incredible journey, alone, in a land that holds no pity for the weak. Each test of your skills will increase your confidence and strength, until you find that your spirit is renewed and you have become a part of the wilderness of ancient Alaska, truly a land of fire and ice!” —Sue Harrison