The Storyteller Trilogy

Song of the River - CoverSong of the River

“As in Brother Wind (1994) and others, Harrison once again displays her first-rate storytelling talents, here in a rousing tale of murder, revenge, and internecine warfare…A warm yarn from the frozen North as authentic as all get-out..”     Kirkus Reviews 09/15/97

Cry of the Wind - CoverCry of the Wind

In her mesmerizing second novel in The Storyteller Trilogy, acclaimed, bestselling author Sue Harrison once again carries us back to an ancient age in a frozen land. Cry of the Wind immerses us in a remarkable time eighty centuries past, when the spirit was tested—and strengthened—by the cruelties of nature and the great mysteries if life.

Cry of the Wind is an epic and powerful tale; a triumph of imagination; and a magnificent saga of spirit, love and hardship that pits people against the fury of nature—and against themselves.

Call Down the Stars - CoverCall Down the Stars

Sue Harrison has completed Book Three of The Storyteller Trilogy. Titled Call Down the Stars, it continues the story of Aqamdax and Chakliux and their families. The book has been published in Germany and the US release date is November 8, 2001.