Cry of the Wind

Volume two of the Storyteller Trilogy

by Sue Harrison

Cry of the Wind - CoverIn icy splendor near the top of the world, the healing woman K’os—maddened and embittered by the outrage she was forced to endure many years earlier—has been cast out by her people and enslaved by the leader of an enemy tribe against whom she has sworn vengeance.  Determined to regain a place of honor among her own to enact her revenge, she will use—and destroy—anyone, including the man she raised as her own son, Chakliux, the storyteller.

Chakliux has grown into a wise and powerful hunter, but his feelings for the beautiful Aqamdax are his weakness.  A storyteller herself, Aqamdax is married to a cruel and dangerous tribesman she does not love.  There can be no future for  Chakliux and Aqamdax, for there are those among them who would see them doomed rather than united.   But their desire for love and truth will set Chakliux and Aqamdax on a dangerous path that leads them far from the safety of familiar things.