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Corsets & Lace: Fashion and Pain!

Do you know what these two items are? At the bottom is a piece of whale baleen. (Some whales have teeth, others have baleen in lieu of teeth. The plates of baleen act as a filtering system when a krill-eating … Continue reading

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About You & Me: Vacations!

My husband Neil and I just returned from a wonderful cruise to the Caribbean — a much needed break from cold winter days and also a respite from our daily parent-care work. Our ship was the Regal Princess, and we … Continue reading

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Corsets and Lace: Bandoline

Let’s face it. When it comes to hair products, we are spoiled! Before I began writing this post, I raided my bathroom storage shelves and these are just a few of the products I found: During Victorian times, both women … Continue reading

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Corsets & Lace: Haute Couture – The Victorian Age

My current novel-in-progress is entitled GILT. It’s set during the 1870s in New York City. I’m definitely a country girl (actually a backwoods girl), but the first time I visited New York (I was seventeen.), I fell in love with … Continue reading

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