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Dirt & Bones: Climate Change

For some folks the words CLIMATE CHANGE are a rousing call to arms. That’s not my intent in this post. I’m not interested in the pros or cons of current political clashes concerning the causes and effects of mankind’s contribution … Continue reading

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Dirt & Bones: Pottery and Playdough

Last fall my husband dug up a bit of what he calls “gumbo” and what area potters call “Pickford clay.” I ran a few Facebook posts about it as I tempered it with sand and molded it into a sort-of … Continue reading

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Dirt & Bones: Living Quarters

In my current novel (Working title: HORSES OF THE WEST SUN, previously BONE FIRE), I based the houses of the River People on the rectangular, semi-subterranean dwellings used by the Dudeşti people who settled in what is now Romania during … Continue reading

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