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Dirt & Bones: Climate Change

For some folks the words CLIMATE CHANGE are a rousing call to arms. That’s not my intent in this post. I’m not interested in the pros or cons of current political clashes concerning the causes and effects of mankind’s contribution … Continue reading

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Dirt & Bones: Words, Words, Words

My current manuscript (the first book of the BONE FIRE Duet) is set more than 7,000 years ago in the Wallachian Plains of Eastern Europe (now part of Romania). My main male character is Jorn the Word Singer. One of … Continue reading

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DIRT & BONES: A Most Precarious Art

Welcome to the launch of my monthly blog post about the research behind my books. Allow me to begin with an apologetic…. The twenty-first century is a precarious time to write novels set in any prehistoric era. The development of … Continue reading

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I have heard experts and non-experts postulate that after acquiring language, humankind’s next huge step toward civilization was learning how to make and use fire.¬† The Aleut word for fire is QUDAX. It’s spoken with short almost schwa-like vowels and … Continue reading

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Feb. ’13 Free Book Winner!

Congratulations to Nancy Stec, our winner of Michael K. Reynolds’ novel FLIGHT OF THE EARLS. Happy Reading, Nancy!

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Finding Words

A few weeks ago my friend Trish asked where I find the words and information for Wild Word Fridays. I’m no expert on words, but I’ve found an abundant number of resources¬†concerning words. In no particular order, I usually find … Continue reading

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