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  1. Carolyn Penders says:

    Hey Sue,
    I love your books mostly “Cry of the Wind” I have yet to read the other two of this series and I will. I also read “Mother Earth, Father Sky”, which was awesome but the other two of this series was a little too ‘strong’ or close to home for me to finish. Cruelty within a family is the worst. Harry, my husband has read these though and is looking for “Song of the River” and “Call Down the Stars” , which I’ll read with him.
    Thank You for your stories, Carolyn

  2. suehar says:

    Dear Carolyn, Thank you for your message. I’m glad you enjoyed Cry of the Wind and Mother Earth Father Sky, and also that your husband has enjoyed my books. All 6 of my Alaska novels will be published in Ebook form by Open Road Integrated Media. At this point the publication date is May 21. So if you have an Ebook reader, you may want to look for those “missing” titles at Barnes & Noble or Amazon or other Ebook distributors. Blessings! Sue

  3. Hi Sue

    I love your Ivory Carver Trilogy Series as well as your Storyteller Trilogy Series. I have all of your books from these two Series in my own library. I was hoping that you would have more books like these. I love your books. You are a very good writer.

    I love your Sky Photos….I love taking pictures of the Sky myself.

    I am sorry to hear about your MIL passing away. Its so hard to be a caregiver for Elderly people. I’ve been there and done that myself.

    Hoping that you will continue to write more of my two favorite series.

    Take care & Happy Writing

    God Bless You & Your Family

  4. suehar says:

    Thank you, Linda. And thank you for keeping my books in your own library. That means so much! Sky photos are so much fun, aren’t they. My husband takes these photos from our front yard or deck, and I convinced him to share them on my website. He’s always a good sport about things like that! It’s amazing to me how most people do at some time in their lives take care of the elderly. It’s a tough job but carries big rewards, like an extra closeness to family and to God, who I believe bends so close during the hard times in our lives.

    I have not continued my Alaska series because I haven’t found a publisher interested in that particular kind of novel, but perhaps since my novels are being released in eBook form this month (May 2013), some excitement might be generated. You never know. I’d enjoy doing a book about Kiin’s twin sons!

    God’s richest blessings on you and your family, too, Linda!

  5. Enjoy the pictures very nice thanks for sharing. 😉

  6. suehar says:

    Thank you, Melissa!!

  7. Jane Noe says:

    These pictures would be great turned into puzzles!

  8. suehar says:

    Thank you, Jane!

  9. Heather says:

    What exactly truly motivated you to publish “MySky photos | SueHarrison.

    com”? I reallyseriously adored it! Thanks for your effort

  10. suehar says:

    Thank you, Heather. So sorry I’m so long in answering your question. We were away on vacation! I was trying think of something to expand my blog without making my readers have to read more than they already do, and I thought of my husband’s beautiful sunset photos and then came up with the idea of No-Words-Just-Tranquility to run on Monday mornings, when we all seem to be a bit stressed! Thank you for your kind words about the photos!

  11. amanda says:

    Hey Sue,
    I just wanted to tell you..I bought Mother Earth Father Sky for my sis Jessica 8 years ago. She always said she would get around to reading it but never did, she was a very busy mother of 4 childeren. I myself had never read it yet either.About 2 years later I picked it up and read it..! Not only I couldn’t put it down..but I have read it about 10 times and have read most all your books now. Im always looking for your books..Mother Earth Father Sky has always been my favorite though since I read’s an amazing book and you did an amazing job writing it, all your books ! To this day you are my favorite Author, Thank You !

  12. suehar says:

    Amanda, Today is gray and rainy where I live, but when I read this comment, the sun came out in my heart. I’m working on another book much like Mother Earth Father Sky. This one, however, is set in Europe in 5800 B.C. and is about a woman named Rose who is taken from her people for horrible reasons. The book is the story of her defiance and her determination to save herself and her baby. If you are on FB, I hope you will check out my Sue Harrison Author page, where I ask my FB followers to help me with plot points and ideas. Thank you again for your kind comments!!

  13. Susan Mackan says:

    Hi Sue. I have also read all of your books several years ago and have kept them in my personal library ever since. I know I really enjoyed reading them and looked forward to more. They are just the type that I love reading. If you write a book based in Europe from another age that would be wonderful. I have read all of Jean Aeul’s books and they were amazing, so I know I would definitely read yours!
    Your (husbands) photos of the nighttime sky are lovely. I also do the same. Photography is another hobby of mine besides reading and collecting books.
    Aging parents are a fact of life. My parents are gone now but my husband’s mother is in a retirement home but requires help physically now. His father died from Alzheimers disease a few years ago. It was very hard on everyone. I do not look forward to old age if it also includes being very ill and dependent on others. Kudus to you Sue. Be strong.

  14. docowen says:

    Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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