May 1, 2017

I’m delighted to announce that I am now represented by the incredible Victoria Skurnick of Levine, Greenberg, Rostan Literary Agency of New York City!

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  1. Eldon Austin says:

    I’m so sorry to here about your Mother-in-law. I can still vividly remember the short time I spent with you when I persented you with the scrimshawed Caribou Antler. It was like being in a close family members home.
    May God bless your new journeys with your new book. Is this the same one you were telling me about back then?
    I also sent you another email on a different matter. Hope to here from you soon.

  2. Eldon Austin says:

    I just love that picture of the sunset. I take it was from your back yard across the lake.?

  3. suehar says:

    Hi Eldon, great to hear from you! Yes, my husband took the photo from our deck. It’s a preview of my new Monday morning Blog – MySky, No Words, Just Serenity, which will feature Neil’s photography. We figure the world could use a little serenity on Monday mornings! We hope to have all in place by the first Monday in September.

  4. suehar says:

    Thank you, Eldon. Good luck with your jewelry line!

  5. Karen Garrett says:

    Hi Sue,
    I can not tell you how your books have given me pleasure. I have been bursting with anticipaton for another to come out. I can’t wait to read your next book. I am so happy that the Lord has touched your life. Isn’t He just awesome? I know you will do great in your writing endeavors.

  6. suehar says:

    Thank you so much, Karen! God is good!

  7. Dora Lawrence says:

    Hi Sue,
    My Sister the Moon was the first book I read by you. My husband who is an avid reader then gifted me the remainder 5 books of The Ivory Carver trilogy and The Story Teller Trilogy. I cannot begin to tell you how these stories touched me. I hope and I beg that one day you will surprise us with a new story of this genre. I will await patiently.

  8. suehar says:

    Thank you, Dora! I appreciate your kind patience!

  9. Norma Major says:

    Hi Sue, First let me say your publisher is crazy. I love the Alaska books and know many many people that do to. I have read both trilogies many times and always feel like I am falling back on an old friend when I start them again.
    I understand the challenges of being a care giver I have been doing it for years and it can really put a stop to your life. I hope you can get something new started because your wonderful talent should not be wasted. Thank you for so many hours of enjoyment. Can’t wait till you can bring out something new.

  10. suehar says:

    Thank you, Norma. My prayers go your way for your care-giving responsibilities. It’s a good time for spiritual growth, isn’t it.

  11. Hi Sue, I really enjoyed reading your Alaskan historical stories. If you are looking for some subject matter, look just south a bit. The Hidia, Nishga, Timsian are as old as your previous subjects. Waiting for a new story, I to have gone through the caregiver stage in my life and your stories helped me through some difficult times. Thank you Sue.

  12. suehar says:

    Yes, Leslie, The Hidia, Nishga and Tsimsian cultures are incredibly interesting and would make wonderful novels. Thank you for your kind words!

  13. Maggie Blue says:

    Dear Sue, I cannot believe your old publisher wanted you to quit writing Alaska books – that’s really sick. I hope you don’t give up them easily. About Alzheimer’s, why don’t you write about that – place it in Alaska. I’m sure it was a disease back then too. – it’s certainly something we need to know about and know more about. I just finished reading 3 Christian books by Bunn and Oke – I wish you would write about those times also but start when Jesus was a young man. Our country is starving for this history. Keep writing – we need you. Hugs, Maggie in Florida

  14. suehar says:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement, Maggie! I love writing, and my life is at the point when I do have more time than a did a few years ago. Parent care is and has been a huge issue in my life for the past ten years, but I’ve learned how to find the time I need and how to ask for it from other members of my family. So this year I have been able to finish a couple of romantic suspense novels for the inspirational market, a whole new kind of writing for me, but lots of fun. I’ll be sure to let all my readers know through this blog and via other means if my agent finds a publisher for what I’m now writing.

    I haven’t been to Florida in several years, Maggie, but you never know. If I have a book published, it would be a great place for a signing or lecture tour!!

  15. Katherine says:

    Sue – My father is full-blood Aleut but he and my mother divorced while I was a newborn and I have never met him. When I grew curious about that part of my background, my mother wanted to help me find information and bought me My Sister the Moon. I have always been a voraious reader, but I remember this being one of the first books to actually touch my heart. I got the rest of the trilogy and read them in order, and found myself touched by each one. I still have my first copy of My Sister the Moon, though I have bought newer copies to re-read since the first is falling apart. It remains one of my favorite books, and I just wanted to let you know that my earliest information about the traditions and background of half of my heritage came from your pen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless in your future pursuits!

  16. suehar says:

    Katherine, Posts like yours just absolutely lift my heart and make my spirit sing. Thank you so much for taking time to write! All fond regards, Sue.

  17. JessicaE says:

    Mrs Harrison,
    I have read and re-read your wonderful books since middle school. I am now 27 and all three copies of your books that are paperback have fallen into pieces. 🙂 I am a huge reader and when asked what my favorite books are, on the list is always: “anything by Sue Harrison”.

    I hope very much that you are able to write more about Alaska, if that is what you desire to do. They are incredible books. Its amazing how they all tie together: storytellers like Aqamdax in ‘Cry of the Wind’ telling stories about Kiin from your first trilogy. All the characters are amazingly true to life and so real. I can’t say enough how much I love them.

    When I was in sixth grade I wrote to you and received not just a printed letter signed by you, but a packet including pronunciations and a personal letter written by you. I have never been so touched and blessed; you are truly not just a great writer but also so generous to your fans.

    I pray that the challenges in your life ease and am so glad that you have the Lord. God and books have gotten my through very hard times.

    Thanks again for everything.

  18. suehar says:

    Oh JessicaE, you surely made my day glorious with your lovely letter! I’m so glad that you have enjoyed my Alaska books. I found so much joy in writing them. I continue to write, this time romantic suspense for the inspirational market. Like in my Alaska books, I love to create stories around very strong women characters whose past drags them into terrible problems and great danger. And I so totally agree with you that God and books get us through some very hard times!

  19. Reader says:

    Ms. Harrison,

    I’ve limited myself to re-reading your trilogies to once a year. I’ve done this to savor them, since there might not be anymore. Every year I look forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and opening the first book of your first trilogy and reading until I’ve finished all six books. What an amazing talent you have, it is truly a God-given gift. I know that I am being selfish, but could you find another publisher? It is so rare to read books that actually transports you to another time and place. I’ve learned so much from your books, the richness of your detaiedl descriptions and the complex human emotions and relationships are beyond compare. Thank you.

  20. suehar says:

    What kind words. Thank you so much. I’m so happy to hear that my books have a special place in your heart! My readers mean the world to me. I have begun to write a different type of book – romantic suspense – and I hope to find a publisher for these new books. The publishing world is an unusual place, and you never quite know what will sell and what won’t. I’m hoping that my Alaska book readers will enjoy these new books I’m writing, and I’ll be sure to let people know when I find a publisher!

  21. Eldon Austin says:

    Sue It is so good to hear you are writing again. There will never be enough Inspirational Romance novels. Can’t wait to read them. After reading through the comments I can see you have many inspirational settings and ideas to draw from. Please send out an email to all your followers when they do come to market…………PLEASE…

    PS.. We are now the Proud Grandparents of a very beautiful and smart 18 Month old granddaughter who is expecting a little brother very soon who has Downs Syndrome. The hardest part is that they live 3000 miles away in BC. But God is Good. I know that.

  22. Sue Harrison says:

    I’m excited, too, about writing for the inspirational market, Eldon, and I love adding that dimension of suspense to the traditional romance format. I will be sure to email my readers and put out the news when my agent finds a publisher. Congratulations on your grandchildren. I’m sure God will provide a means for you to be a large part of their lives. Children need grandparents!

  23. Tiffanie Q says:

    Dear Mrs. Harrison,

    I have read both of your series books and regret that as a teenager I had been offered a signed hard back copy of one of your early novels. The host of the party said she had gone to the same university as you and had obtained the copy as she was your friend, though it has been too many years to recall her name but she lived in Texas. I love to read novels of all genre but your series far surpass the very basic writers (such as typical Daneille Steele or Sidney Sheldon books).

    In my opinion, you are in the same category (along with anthropological fiction) such as Jean M. Auel, who like you; focus on the need for survival, descriptive narration with tools used during those times, but of also the learning of other cultures, and the hunger for spiritual connection that every person seeks. I love the pages and pages of description in which you immerse the reader! Each book begins a journey of such clear narration that the reader is, in fact, living inside the story.

    Mrs. Sue Harrison, you are an epic story teller, and will always be on my list of favorite writers. I only wish you could begin another Alaska series, but I understand that you are busy with other tasks and the extensive research that would require. Thank you for the gift of your stories, though. What a remarkable talent you truly have indeed!

    Tiffanie Q. of Colorado Springs

  24. suehar says:

    What kind words, Tiffanie. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I love hearing from my readers, and your words have touched my heart. I found great joy in learning about Alaska’s native peoples and writing their stories. What a privilege for me to have readers like you.

  25. Anni Peedisson says:

    Dear Sue Harrison,

    I only just finished the second book of the Ivory Carver Triology and am still under the spell of it. I feel that the strength you give to your women heros transcends the book pages giving more strength to the reader. I feel that I am striving to be more in tune with my inner voice or spirit(s), paying attention to it in my everyday life.

    I am Estonian. This tiny country is said to be the least religious in the world.
    Reading your book made me think more about our ancient earth religion (belief), feeling closer to the nature around us. I guess one could be religious in many different ways.

    I hope some day your books will be published in Estonian as well. I´ll make efforts to make it happen! And I hope you´ll travel to Estonia one day;-)

    Thank you for your wonderful books!
    Suur aitäh!

  26. suehar says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to add your words to my website, Anni. You blessed my life with your kind words! Yes, there are many ways to be religious, and as a Christian I believe that God put that spiritual longing into our souls, and that he did that so we would search beyond ourselves and find him. I’m glad that you are feeling closer to the creation. Nature is a bountiful and beautiful part of our lives! Wouldn’t it be great if my books were published in Estonia? I would surely love to visit your lovely country!

  27. jenica says:

    Your publisher just broke my heart! Your alaskan trilogys have touched my soul and are the best books i have ever read,and i read alot of books! When i read them i knew nothing of the alaskan people a their ways of life and ever since i have been fascinated with these extrodinary people and how they lived.Your characters seem so real and you truly know how to transport the reader into their lives,their joys are my joys and their sorrows are my sorrows. I find myself thinking of them long after I put each book down,and look forward to rereading them every few years. There are many authors that can write good romance
    novel or romantic comedies etc… but very few who can write native american historic fiction the way you do,believe me i have read most of the works out there and none can compare to you i that genre,i sincerly hope you decide to write more books about the alaskan people you love so much

    novels stories but very few who can

  28. suehar says:

    Thank you, Jenica. Your kind words warm my heart!

  29. Tiffany Soobotin says:

    Whenever someone asks me if I know any good books to read, I always point them in your direction. More Alaska trilogies!!!

  30. Porsche Rankins says:

    Hello Sue! I just wanted to say thank you for writing and creating The Ivory Carver Trilogy. These three books are my favorites and I’ve been reading them since middle school (I’m 19 now) and in times of trouble in my life these books I drew strength from. I am sorry for the struggles you’ve been going through and my prayers are with you. From one Michigander to another.

  31. suehar says:

    Thank you, Porsche, for your encouraging words and for your precious prayers. I’m glad my books helped give you strength. It’s strange about troubles, how they make us stronger, and it’s wonderful how the Lord’s strength lifts us up.

  32. Helene Schäfer says:

    Dear Sue Harrison,
    I found Jean M Auel over to you and I love the novels of both of you. In the “Ivory Carver Trilogy” I still like most of the sensitive writing style, and to my mind at the time and people “adapted” language. It fits perfectly in the German translation of the protagonists to the mood and the action of the novels. I “lived” literally with them. Do not succeed each author! Respect!
    Best regards from Germany Helene

  33. suehar says:

    Thank you, Helene! I had marvelous German translators. What a joy to work with people all over the world, and to “meet” folks through my website. I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Best wishes, Sue

  34. Wonderful news about your representation! Bright blessings for great success in the new direction. 🙂

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