I’m so excited to offer my friend Janie Chang’s new novel DRAGON SPRINGS ROAD as our March 2017 FREE BOOK! This is an incredible novel that will transport you to another time and place.

From the back cover copy:
“In 1908, Jialing is only seven years old when she is abandoned in the courtyard of a once-lavish estate near Shanghai. Jialing is. . .Eurasian. . .and faces a lifetime of contempt from both the Chinese and Europeans…. Always hopeful of finding her long-lost mother, Jialing. . .finds herself drawn into a murder at the periphery of political intrigue…”

To qualify for our Wednesday, March 8 drawing, just answer this question! If you could visit any other country in the world (first class, all expenses paid, of course), what would be your choice?

Happy Reading!

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27 Responses to MARCH 2017 FREE BOOK!

  1. nancy Smith says:

    Mongolia. I would love the Spirit of the region, and of the people.

  2. Ginny Lockhart says:

    Italy. It’s always been a dream of mine as I would love the history, ancient buildings, the food and the weather.

  3. Emma kinnison says:

    Great Britain. Home of my ancestors there were from England n Ireland.that’s always been on my bucket,only one on there now.

  4. Beverly Moto says:

    Japan because they’ve built themselves up thru hell n high water,
    What an inspiration it left with me that I’d like to see just
    How gorgeous it is in person

  5. Susan Mackan says:

    I would love to visit Scotland in this lifetime or time travel there if that were possible. Men in kilts turns me on and the skirl of the bagpipes gives me goosebumps. I also love their accents and could listen to it all day.

  6. Karen Dethmers says:

    Hi Sue,
    Wow another book giveaway, in time for Spring. Well close to it up here in Warroad, Mn.
    My dream trip would be Ireland, I see pictures of the beautiful countryside. Taking pictures there would be a dream too…I am not a professional photographer, but none the less i love taking pictures.

    I wish everyone luck on winning this book.

    Take Care and keep on writing the wonderful books you do!!

  7. Greece !! Since I was a little girl and read about all the different things to see it has been my dream !! All the collisim’s and the museum’s ! It would be wonderful to see the scupture’s..Yes its a lovely dream !

  8. Barb Minarik says:

    Forbidden City, China. It is so intriguing and stunningly beautiful.

  9. Barb Minarik says:

    I am half Filipino and half Polish and I have suffered from reactions from reactions from both cultures. Thank you.

  10. suehar says:

    So difficult to deal with prejudices, Barb. My heart goes out to you.

  11. suehar says:

    I would love to go to the Forbidden City, too, Barb!

  12. suehar says:

    Greece was one of our great visits, Brenda. Our daughter lived there for 8 years, so she was the perfect guide!

  13. suehar says:

    I love to give away books, Karen! Especially books I love. Ireland is on my bucket list, too!!

  14. suehar says:

    Men in kilts, hmmmm. I’m chuckling, Susan Mackan. But Scotland is beautiful and I would love to return there for another visit!

  15. suehar says:

    The Japanese are an amazing people, Beverly. Go during the cherry blossom time!

  16. suehar says:

    You’ve chosen well! I hope you get the chance to visit, Emma!!

  17. suehar says:

    And gelato, Ginny!!!

  18. suehar says:

    That’s a rare choice and a good one, Nancy!!

  19. Erin Wekenman says:

    I would go to Ireland, my name is Erin, it’s only fitting!

  20. Cindi J. says:

    I’d love to travel to Japan, I have a penpal there I’ve been writing to for 36 years. It would be wonderful. Thank you for the contest.

  21. suehar says:

    Definitely an Irish name, Erin!! Of course you have to go! 🙂

  22. suehar says:

    You’re the second commenter (Is that a word?) who has had a long pen pal friendship, Cindi. I love Japan. Clean, organized, with kindly people.

  23. Susan Beich says:

    I would love to experience Ireland in its small communities and farms.

  24. Jessie Beckett says:

    I would visit Italy… so much culture and history everywhere you turn!

  25. Angela Flowers says:

    To see the Northern Lights be that Norway/Sweden/Finland or even Alaska; a lifetimes dream

  26. suehar says:

    A lovely quest, indeed, Angela!

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